Hi world, this is just the blog of an ordinary teenager complaining about ordinary teenager things and hopefully helping us all to get through life with as few mishaps as possible!

I may or may not post that regularly due to schoolwork and what-have-you but if you want to read more then just shout politely at me because I’ll most likely have forgotten to update the blog!

You can also follow me on twitter and tumblr if you’re just as internet obsessed as I am!

@Cat_Howells and http://www.thiscathasnohat.tumblr.com

Most of all I don’t really take life too seriously, so try not to take me too seriously! I love getting comments and likes, I read and acknowledge (and because I don’t get many) and usually reply to them!

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you stick with me on this blogging adventure!

first sync 2013 104


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