Week in Words

I’m aware I probably haven’t posted in a while and that’s probably due to a combination of lack of time and lack of ideas, so terribly sorry!

After my manic time over the past week or so I thought I’d just take some time to sit down and write a post about what I’ve been up to, as I never really do just that?

So a big part of my week was going to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie on the night it came out with a group of my close friends. Okay first of all let me start out by pointing out that I was a huge fan of the books before I even knew there was a film coming out and I have been counting down to the film for over a year now. That was the scale of my excitement. We all dressed as shadowhunters to see the film and it was not a disappointment. I won’t give spoilers just in case people haven’t seen it but it was very different to the book but it was far better than I expected the interpretation to be and even people who hadn’t read the book and disliked fantasy enjoyed the film, I consider that a success? The characters were just as I expected and they’ve done such a good job of making it not too out there that it was unrealistic! So if you haven’t seen that get to your cinema and see it.

The day after that I got my GCSE results which I’m not going to broadcast because I find that weird but I’ll just say that I was really pleased and it made me even happier to see all of my friends do so well!

I’ve also been seeing a lot of friends this week and I have one tip for you all, when making a cake and it isn’t done quick enough, do not turn the oven all the way up and hope for the best. Black smoke and a smoke detector going off is generally the result. Oops.

So I hope everyone’s had a great week and those with results are all happy and I should be back soon with a better post with any luck!


ImageShadowhunters looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234.


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