The green green grass of home.

Wow that title sounds all sentimental but seriously guys, appreciate the greenness of grass. It’s greener in Wales than anywhere else, I swear.

So I’ve just come home from a family holiday in Sicily which was fantabulous but, selfish as it sounds, I’m pretty glad to be home. Here’s some things I missed dearly when I was away, being the weird home bird I am.

1. My bed. I swear to God that the bed in my hotel room was concrete covered in a bed sheet it was that hard. Oh and did I mention I can’t sleep without a duvet, well guess what. No duvet. *shudder*

2. Constant Internet. Note that I didn’t just say Internet, see I had wifi in my room and various places but if you’re a phone and Internet addict like me and prefer to watch YouTube and stalk Tumblr at 2am rather than sleep, not having constant Internet is a source of much pain.

3. Rain. Well the British weather in general really, I am not good with heat, and seeing as it never dropped below 30 degrees I was thankful for the wind as I got off that plane.

4. British accents. Anyone who has stayed where I did in Sicily (near Cefalu anyone?) knows that they don’t like to speak English, which results in lots of gesticulating and making a general fool of oneself. Ahh the joys of being clueless.

5. The roads. Italian drivers. Need I say more?

6. Lack of insects. Apart from a large spider currently dangling from my ceiling, there is a larger lack of insects here than abroad and I don’t very much like living in fear of these huge black flying insects (I don’t know what they’re called I didn’t exactly stop to ask).

7. My hairdryer. Random as that sounds, letting your hair dry naturally when it frizzes up bigger than an elephant’s toilet brush is not fun.

8. The news. I’ve never been so isolated on holiday before, all the TV channels were in Italian, which is helpful when you only know grazie.

9. Alone time. That makes me sound super antisocial but because I’m an only child, I literally didn’t get any time without my parents there and sometimes I just like to sit alone listening to music with a cup of tea. Bliss.

10. My wonderful friends of course, it seems like it’s been far too long since I saw that crazy lot!

That whole post makes me sound really ungrateful and I’m honestly not it was a wonderful holiday I just thought of all these things I missed to take my mind off missing Sicily.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to put Imagine Dragons on shuffle an eat some lunch.



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