Sun? Are you here to stay?

As many of you will know (or will have read in my last blog post) it is actually scorching hot weather over here in usually rain sodden Britain and because of this I have noticed a lot of things that actually annoy me about summer and the hot weather. So being the antisocial internet addict I am, I decided to share them with you, enjoy!

  1. Not being able to sleep at night. I am one of those funny creatures that HAS to sleep with a duvet on, I simply have to. And I don’t like opening my window at night because of a fear of what may fly in (see point two) therefore sleeping in summer is rather difficult and I have taken to being nocturnal. Hoot?
  2. Bugs. I have a few rules with bugs. Outside: your territory, inside: my territory. And if it has wings, it is immediately more dangerous. I can’t deal with something flying.
  3. Being too hot to sit in the sun. We’re not used to this in Britain, 20 degrees in summer is hot and at the moment it’s around 30 so sitting in the sun is near impossible for sun shy people like me. You want to tan, but if you sit in the sun for more than ten minutes you start to feel burned alive, what a lovely glow that will give.
  4. Unattractive sun wear. Very broad heading but I think you know what I mean already. People wearing obscenely short shorts when they simply shouldn’t, or large amounts of milk tinted skin being shown, or the epic socks and sandals look. You name it, it annoys me in summer.
  5. Being too hot for tea. I can’t agree with the people that say tea cools you down because I don’t find it does, this weather is fr too hot to enjoy a nice cuppa and if you’re caffeine addicted like me and a few of my friends, this leads to a long list of withdrawal symptoms.
  6. The lack of suitable sun attire. Slightly different to my other point, and more on a personal level, there never seems to be any decent length shorts for teenagers? They are either extremely short and unflattering for most people, or very long and don’t show enough leg to get a decent tan (have you guessed I went shopping yesterday yet?).
  7. Getting stuck to chairs. Girls will know exactly what I mean, when you’re wearing shorts and you sit on a bench or a leather sofa and you know that the moment will come where you have to peel yourself off this chair with the most attractive sticking sound possible. That.
  8. Hay fever. If you don’t suffer from it then there is no need to read this point, almost every hay fever sufferer out there wishes to be you. I don’t get it very badly but I have so much sympathy for those who do and know the feeling. I know.
  9. The bikini pictures on social networking sites. No one wants to see the extent of your tan line, they honestly really don’t care.
  10. Sun cream. I really have no more to say on that, other than I always forget to put it on, it stinks and feels greasy on the skin.

Thanks for reading everyone and don’t forget to give this a like if you would like to see more of this style of post!

Stay awesome.Image


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