Down days.

But surely the temperature gauge must be lying?

But surely the temperature gauge must be lying?

Everyone has them. The days when you lonely and like nothing is going right. It’s hard to believe that when it’s over twenty degrees in normally rain sodden Wales I haven’t been feeling the greatest today.

In an attempt to cheer myself and others up I have turned to my blog, yay! Here is my feel good guide to down days.

1. Get up late. If you’re having a down day the chances are that it’s because you haven’t got much to do or people are away. If you sleep in late, you’re less tired and you’ve wasted more of that day you had nothing planned, score!

2. Spend the day outside. Nothing clears a bad mood or whatever you’re down about like fresh air.

3. A good book. I always manage to find myself lost in a mindless book on a summer day as it’s easier to concentrate on it, but I’ve managed to finally get round to starting The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. (Amazing already, no spoilers please!)

4. Get in touch with people you haven’t spoke to in a while. That’s right, send a message on Facebook to all those people you lost touch with. For me I know this is a scary prospect as you don’t want to be seen as creepy or overenthusiastic, but put yourself in their shoes, if you used to be pretty close, wouldn’t you love a random chat to reminisce about the good old days?

5. Procrastinate to the extreme. Search random things on YouTube and just watch hilarious videos of people falling over and cats (who doesn’t love cats?) Here is just a suggestion people.

6. Feel happiness at others misfortune, just for today. Another YouTube clip to explain this:

7. Do what you love to do. This sounds really obvious but if you’ve go spare time, just switch off all electronic devices (unless what you love to do is Facebook then that’s okay) and just have some time concentrating on that love. So for me I play instruments so today I spent a good hour practicing saxophone for an upcoming exam which put me away from the world for a while.

8. Find some old music to listen to. I don’t mean become an avid Beatles fan overnight, I mean find an old iPod and rediscover what you used to listen to. For example, listen to old Disney songs, or you can’t go wrong with a bit of 90s pop.

9. Help others. That came out a lot deeper than I expected, but what I mean is that if someone approaches you asking for help, you don’t start venting to them about how bad your life is, you suck it up and cheer them up because it will make you feel better along the way!

10. Remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And that light might involve cake. Or Max Irons topless. Or chocolate cake.


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