“Conclusion:” has become my phrase of the week.
Here are some I’ve drawn:
Whenever you say “it’s fine I won’t burn”, purchase after sun in preparation.
Another slice of cake must never be refused.
Old music was the best. End of.
You can never have too much of a guilty pleasure aka a whole book on nerdy orchestra things.
Horrific selfies must only be taken on the phones of those you can trust.
Nail varnish takes ages to dry if you sit there waiting, but not very long if you don’t think about it.
It’s better to leave something on a high note rather than stay and have sour memories. (Deep I know, not as deep as you might be thinking!)
Never underestimate the nosiness of your parents.

Stay amazing people.

Instagram: cathowells
Twitter: @cat_howells
{Photo: Newport, West Wales July 2013}



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