First World Problems

Hey guys, just hooking onto an ongoing trend (well it’s kinda disappearing now but that’s exactly why I decided to write a post about it). Thought I’d write a list of some First World Problems that pop into my head… Watch how I delve deep into the world of trends in the mainstream…

  • Burning your tongue on tea.
  • When your biscuit breaks off when you dip into your choice of hot beverage (yeah that’s right, we don’t discriminate by beverage here).
  • When you’re in between belt holes, or you need to have an extra hole in the belt somewhere?
  • When you’re put in groups to work and you’re with people you don’t know and they know each other, hello lonering!
  • When you need something across the room but you’re all comfy and tucked up
  • Having so much cake/chocolate in the house you can’t decide whether to eat your favourites first or save them.
  • (Might be just me) forgetting to put the towels in the bathroom for after a shower and standing there not knowing what to do.
  • The nightly conflict between carrying on a good conversation and not being tired the next morning.
  • When you finish the first books in a series and realise the next one comes out in a years time.
  • Having to run for the battery charger when your phone/laptop/other device is on critical levels (damn why you so demanding technology?!)
  • Just generally being un-photogenic.
  • When all your teachers give you homework at once.
  • Taking so long to make a decision that when you do, it’s irrelevant anyway.
  • Having so many first world problems you start to care less about the Third World.

Yeah serious stuff now. Third World debt is apparently rising so I guess you should try to worry less about these problems and think about people who have less that us.

Okay serious stuff over, where did I put my charger…


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