Catch-Up Post

Good evening blog world, I don’t really have much to give to you this post but I thought I’d just write a post on whatever comes to my head when writing and give this style of blog a go!

So I’ve just been writing up a revision timetable (I have a life, I promise) and worryingly the question I was asking myself was “do I have to have a life outside revision?” I’m quite driven and want to do well so I had to think if I was actually going to talk to friends and go out during the exam leave (we don’t get any study leave anymore). I’ve decided I probably won’t, who wants to be sociable?! Pah, you already know I’m not sociable, I spend my Saturday nights updating this and my Twitter…

Something I just spotted on the news is about the BRITS, any opinions?! Something you all might not know but will now know, is that I am very much against One Direction and probably a lot of other artists, I do get annoyed when they’re called a band because they’re not because they don’t play instruments in their songs?! I just got interested by this and decided to look for the nominees for the main categories so here we go…

British Male solo artist: Oooh big fan of Ben Howard so fingers crossed for him!

British Female solo artist: Can’t see any I’d be massively happy for but can see why Amy Winehouse could win it…

British Group: MUMFORD AND SONS enough said.

International male solo artist: Michael Buble YES

(This has turned into me scrolling and just looking for my favourite artists so I’m going to stop now…)

I’m also going on holiday to Sicily in the summer! Just thought I’d share that with you, if any of you have been to Sicily please leave a comment as I really don’t know what to expect!


Yeah you.

If you’ve read this far we are officially married.


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