Week in Words

I’m aware I probably haven’t posted in a while and that’s probably due to a combination of lack of time and lack of ideas, so terribly sorry!

After my manic time over the past week or so I thought I’d just take some time to sit down and write a post about what I’ve been up to, as I never really do just that?

So a big part of my week was going to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie on the night it came out with a group of my close friends. Okay first of all let me start out by pointing out that I was a huge fan of the books before I even knew there was a film coming out and I have been counting down to the film for over a year now. That was the scale of my excitement. We all dressed as shadowhunters to see the film and it was not a disappointment. I won’t give spoilers just in case people haven’t seen it but it was very different to the book but it was far better than I expected the interpretation to be and even people who hadn’t read the book and disliked fantasy enjoyed the film, I consider that a success? The characters were just as I expected and they’ve done such a good job of making it not too out there that it was unrealistic! So if you haven’t seen that get to your cinema and see it.

The day after that I got my GCSE results which I’m not going to broadcast because I find that weird but I’ll just say that I was really pleased and it made me even happier to see all of my friends do so well!

I’ve also been seeing a lot of friends this week and I have one tip for you all, when making a cake and it isn’t done quick enough, do not turn the oven all the way up and hope for the best. Black smoke and a smoke detector going off is generally the result. Oops.

So I hope everyone’s had a great week and those with results are all happy and I should be back soon with a better post with any luck!


ImageShadowhunters looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234.


The green green grass of home.

Wow that title sounds all sentimental but seriously guys, appreciate the greenness of grass. It’s greener in Wales than anywhere else, I swear.

So I’ve just come home from a family holiday in Sicily which was fantabulous but, selfish as it sounds, I’m pretty glad to be home. Here’s some things I missed dearly when I was away, being the weird home bird I am.

1. My bed. I swear to God that the bed in my hotel room was concrete covered in a bed sheet it was that hard. Oh and did I mention I can’t sleep without a duvet, well guess what. No duvet. *shudder*

2. Constant Internet. Note that I didn’t just say Internet, see I had wifi in my room and various places but if you’re a phone and Internet addict like me and prefer to watch YouTube and stalk Tumblr at 2am rather than sleep, not having constant Internet is a source of much pain.

3. Rain. Well the British weather in general really, I am not good with heat, and seeing as it never dropped below 30 degrees I was thankful for the wind as I got off that plane.

4. British accents. Anyone who has stayed where I did in Sicily (near Cefalu anyone?) knows that they don’t like to speak English, which results in lots of gesticulating and making a general fool of oneself. Ahh the joys of being clueless.

5. The roads. Italian drivers. Need I say more?

6. Lack of insects. Apart from a large spider currently dangling from my ceiling, there is a larger lack of insects here than abroad and I don’t very much like living in fear of these huge black flying insects (I don’t know what they’re called I didn’t exactly stop to ask).

7. My hairdryer. Random as that sounds, letting your hair dry naturally when it frizzes up bigger than an elephant’s toilet brush is not fun.

8. The news. I’ve never been so isolated on holiday before, all the TV channels were in Italian, which is helpful when you only know grazie.

9. Alone time. That makes me sound super antisocial but because I’m an only child, I literally didn’t get any time without my parents there and sometimes I just like to sit alone listening to music with a cup of tea. Bliss.

10. My wonderful friends of course, it seems like it’s been far too long since I saw that crazy lot!

That whole post makes me sound really ungrateful and I’m honestly not it was a wonderful holiday I just thought of all these things I missed to take my mind off missing Sicily.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to put Imagine Dragons on shuffle an eat some lunch.


July Reviews

I was stuck for ideas for my latest blog post and it popped into my mind that it was nearing he end of July and this is likely to be my final July blog post (due to a two week holiday period). So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been loving this month! It’s going to be a random mash of things as they pop into my head so please bear with my cluttered brain.

Makeup: I have recently been converted to MAC makeup so here is my kind of review on my new purchase? I’ve got the MAC Face and Body foundation in N1and it is just what I was looking for. It’s the right shade, it stays on all day (with powder) and is very light but easily buildable I LOVE IT.

Book: I have recently started reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (which I’ve mentioned in a previous post) I haven’t actually finished it yet as I’ve been quite busy over the past week but today I shall be ploughing into it and it’s just so well written and very different!

App: This is a bit of a random one but as you may know I am a bit of a classical music lover and I’ve been loving the Classic FM app. Yes a 16 year old girl sits in bed at night and listens to smooth classics. You read right.

Shop: I’ve been going shopping what seems like far too often recently and I’ve rekindled a love for River Island. I used to have a love hate relationship with this place, where I’d find something great but not like a lot of the stuff, but I was in heaven in their big sales last week. I’ll just say that that’s good for my wardrobe but definitely not for my bank balance.

Album: I’ve got a secret for you lot, I agreed to go see Bastille with a bunch of my friends this October and I didn’t already have their album. SHOCK HORROR. I’d heard some of their songs and thought they’d be great live so said I’d go. My friend lent me their album Bad Blood and I think it’s safe to say I LOVE THEM. Favourite songs are Pompeii and Weight of Living Pt 2.

Band: I bet you’re thinking this is going to be Bastille WELL YOU’RE WRONG. My friend also introduced me to a band called Clean Bandit. It’s kind of hard to explain them, they bring in classical music with electronic things? Look them up on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/cleanbandit), I cannot wait for them to release an album!

There we are those are some things I’ve been loving this July, I hope you liked this post, I won’t be here for two weeks now but I may try to post before I go away!Image

My summer book pile! 


Sun? Are you here to stay?

As many of you will know (or will have read in my last blog post) it is actually scorching hot weather over here in usually rain sodden Britain and because of this I have noticed a lot of things that actually annoy me about summer and the hot weather. So being the antisocial internet addict I am, I decided to share them with you, enjoy!

  1. Not being able to sleep at night. I am one of those funny creatures that HAS to sleep with a duvet on, I simply have to. And I don’t like opening my window at night because of a fear of what may fly in (see point two) therefore sleeping in summer is rather difficult and I have taken to being nocturnal. Hoot?
  2. Bugs. I have a few rules with bugs. Outside: your territory, inside: my territory. And if it has wings, it is immediately more dangerous. I can’t deal with something flying.
  3. Being too hot to sit in the sun. We’re not used to this in Britain, 20 degrees in summer is hot and at the moment it’s around 30 so sitting in the sun is near impossible for sun shy people like me. You want to tan, but if you sit in the sun for more than ten minutes you start to feel burned alive, what a lovely glow that will give.
  4. Unattractive sun wear. Very broad heading but I think you know what I mean already. People wearing obscenely short shorts when they simply shouldn’t, or large amounts of milk tinted skin being shown, or the epic socks and sandals look. You name it, it annoys me in summer.
  5. Being too hot for tea. I can’t agree with the people that say tea cools you down because I don’t find it does, this weather is fr too hot to enjoy a nice cuppa and if you’re caffeine addicted like me and a few of my friends, this leads to a long list of withdrawal symptoms.
  6. The lack of suitable sun attire. Slightly different to my other point, and more on a personal level, there never seems to be any decent length shorts for teenagers? They are either extremely short and unflattering for most people, or very long and don’t show enough leg to get a decent tan (have you guessed I went shopping yesterday yet?).
  7. Getting stuck to chairs. Girls will know exactly what I mean, when you’re wearing shorts and you sit on a bench or a leather sofa and you know that the moment will come where you have to peel yourself off this chair with the most attractive sticking sound possible. That.
  8. Hay fever. If you don’t suffer from it then there is no need to read this point, almost every hay fever sufferer out there wishes to be you. I don’t get it very badly but I have so much sympathy for those who do and know the feeling. I know.
  9. The bikini pictures on social networking sites. No one wants to see the extent of your tan line, they honestly really don’t care.
  10. Sun cream. I really have no more to say on that, other than I always forget to put it on, it stinks and feels greasy on the skin.

Thanks for reading everyone and don’t forget to give this a like if you would like to see more of this style of post!

Stay awesome.Image

Down days.

But surely the temperature gauge must be lying?

But surely the temperature gauge must be lying?

Everyone has them. The days when you lonely and like nothing is going right. It’s hard to believe that when it’s over twenty degrees in normally rain sodden Wales I haven’t been feeling the greatest today.

In an attempt to cheer myself and others up I have turned to my blog, yay! Here is my feel good guide to down days.

1. Get up late. If you’re having a down day the chances are that it’s because you haven’t got much to do or people are away. If you sleep in late, you’re less tired and you’ve wasted more of that day you had nothing planned, score!

2. Spend the day outside. Nothing clears a bad mood or whatever you’re down about like fresh air.

3. A good book. I always manage to find myself lost in a mindless book on a summer day as it’s easier to concentrate on it, but I’ve managed to finally get round to starting The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. (Amazing already, no spoilers please!)

4. Get in touch with people you haven’t spoke to in a while. That’s right, send a message on Facebook to all those people you lost touch with. For me I know this is a scary prospect as you don’t want to be seen as creepy or overenthusiastic, but put yourself in their shoes, if you used to be pretty close, wouldn’t you love a random chat to reminisce about the good old days?

5. Procrastinate to the extreme. Search random things on YouTube and just watch hilarious videos of people falling over and cats (who doesn’t love cats?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKjkaGrYpHE Here is just a suggestion people.

6. Feel happiness at others misfortune, just for today. Another YouTube clip to explain this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCQGQ5qBQTA

7. Do what you love to do. This sounds really obvious but if you’ve go spare time, just switch off all electronic devices (unless what you love to do is Facebook then that’s okay) and just have some time concentrating on that love. So for me I play instruments so today I spent a good hour practicing saxophone for an upcoming exam which put me away from the world for a while.

8. Find some old music to listen to. I don’t mean become an avid Beatles fan overnight, I mean find an old iPod and rediscover what you used to listen to. For example, listen to old Disney songs, or you can’t go wrong with a bit of 90s pop.

9. Help others. That came out a lot deeper than I expected, but what I mean is that if someone approaches you asking for help, you don’t start venting to them about how bad your life is, you suck it up and cheer them up because it will make you feel better along the way!

10. Remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And that light might involve cake. Or Max Irons topless. Or chocolate cake.


“Conclusion:” has become my phrase of the week.
Here are some I’ve drawn:
Whenever you say “it’s fine I won’t burn”, purchase after sun in preparation.
Another slice of cake must never be refused.
Old music was the best. End of.
You can never have too much of a guilty pleasure aka a whole book on nerdy orchestra things.
Horrific selfies must only be taken on the phones of those you can trust.
Nail varnish takes ages to dry if you sit there waiting, but not very long if you don’t think about it.
It’s better to leave something on a high note rather than stay and have sour memories. (Deep I know, not as deep as you might be thinking!)
Never underestimate the nosiness of your parents.

Stay amazing people.

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{Photo: Newport, West Wales July 2013}


Adventures across the Atlantic

As I said in my last post if you follow me then you will recall I said I’d be going to New York and I told you I’d share some of my experiences! Here are a selection of my holiday photos and if you have any questions or anything or want to know suggestions of places to go, leave them in the comments and I will try and be some help! (I never claimed to be a photographer it’s just a beautiful city people.)







Is anybody there…?

It’s been a while since I updated this blog but seeing as I have a large amount of time on my hands once more, I thought it was high time I started this up again! 

I have just finished my exams for this summer and now have weeks and weeks stretching ahead of me. I’ve got lots of exciting things planned, starting with my trip to New York tomorrow and hopefully I can update this blog as I go through!

Pictures and a blog post will be up after my holiday if any of you are interested. I’m going to use this as a place for my thoughts and a practice platform for writing really, so I hope you’ll follow me with this!

Much love, internet.


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First World Problems

Hey guys, just hooking onto an ongoing trend (well it’s kinda disappearing now but that’s exactly why I decided to write a post about it). Thought I’d write a list of some First World Problems that pop into my head… Watch how I delve deep into the world of trends in the mainstream…

  • Burning your tongue on tea.
  • When your biscuit breaks off when you dip into your choice of hot beverage (yeah that’s right, we don’t discriminate by beverage here).
  • When you’re in between belt holes, or you need to have an extra hole in the belt somewhere?
  • When you’re put in groups to work and you’re with people you don’t know and they know each other, hello lonering!
  • When you need something across the room but you’re all comfy and tucked up
  • Having so much cake/chocolate in the house you can’t decide whether to eat your favourites first or save them.
  • (Might be just me) forgetting to put the towels in the bathroom for after a shower and standing there not knowing what to do.
  • The nightly conflict between carrying on a good conversation and not being tired the next morning.
  • When you finish the first books in a series and realise the next one comes out in a years time.
  • Having to run for the battery charger when your phone/laptop/other device is on critical levels (damn why you so demanding technology?!)
  • Just generally being un-photogenic.
  • When all your teachers give you homework at once.
  • Taking so long to make a decision that when you do, it’s irrelevant anyway.
  • Having so many first world problems you start to care less about the Third World.

Yeah serious stuff now. Third World debt is apparently rising so I guess you should try to worry less about these problems and think about people who have less that us.

Okay serious stuff over, where did I put my charger…

Catch-Up Post

Good evening blog world, I don’t really have much to give to you this post but I thought I’d just write a post on whatever comes to my head when writing and give this style of blog a go!

So I’ve just been writing up a revision timetable (I have a life, I promise) and worryingly the question I was asking myself was “do I have to have a life outside revision?” I’m quite driven and want to do well so I had to think if I was actually going to talk to friends and go out during the exam leave (we don’t get any study leave anymore). I’ve decided I probably won’t, who wants to be sociable?! Pah, you already know I’m not sociable, I spend my Saturday nights updating this and my Twitter…

Something I just spotted on the news is about the BRITS, any opinions?! Something you all might not know but will now know, is that I am very much against One Direction and probably a lot of other artists, I do get annoyed when they’re called a band because they’re not because they don’t play instruments in their songs?! I just got interested by this and decided to look for the nominees for the main categories so here we go…

British Male solo artist: Oooh big fan of Ben Howard so fingers crossed for him!

British Female solo artist: Can’t see any I’d be massively happy for but can see why Amy Winehouse could win it…

British Group: MUMFORD AND SONS enough said.

International male solo artist: Michael Buble YES

(This has turned into me scrolling and just looking for my favourite artists so I’m going to stop now…)

I’m also going on holiday to Sicily in the summer! Just thought I’d share that with you, if any of you have been to Sicily please leave a comment as I really don’t know what to expect!


Yeah you.

If you’ve read this far we are officially married.